Do you Want to Install An Indoor Pool

An indoor swimming pool would be a pretty awesome item to add to your next home improvement to-do list. Indoor pools have a lot of perks and advantages, such as allowing you to swim at any time and replicate the outdoor experience regardless of the weather conditions. 

Advantages of an indoor pool

Apart from bringing the pool indoors to replicate the exterior experience, indoor pools can give you a taste of luxury living also. Some benefits include:

– You get year-round swimming whether in the summer or winter

– Efficient cost of maintenance because you won’t have to deal with outdoor debris in your pool.

– More natural water: Since sunlight won’t have a menacing effect on the water’s chlorine and sanitizers, you don’t have to use so much of chemicals to keep your pool clean and fresh.

While there are many benefits to owning an indoor pool, here are some drawbacks to also consider:

– Lack of direct sunlight: Indoor pools don’t get enough sunshine like outdoor pools, and this contributes to an increase in the cost of running the pool.

– Increased energy consumption: You have to heat the air space and pool water to prevent unsightly algae growths due to excessive moisture.

How much does an indoor pool cost?

A swimming pool alone typically costs between $40,000 and $60,000 in most parts of the United States and can go as high as $200,000 depending on what features you want to add, your location and many other factors like the dehumidifier system which protects the structure from moisture damage, and it’s not optional. Other factors include:

– The size of the pool – the large the pool, the more expensive it will be.

– The heating system used – this also gets costlier depending on the size of the pool and your location too.

– The type of pool – depending on what kind of lining materials you use, poolside accessories and even kind of pool lights and shower area.

– Accessories like automatic pool covers.

These are some of the factors responsible for the large charge. There are ways to bend around them and fit the project into your budget. You can choose fiberglass or vinyl liner pools instead of the costly concrete option. Automatic covers can also help to trap solar energy which warms your air space and pool, and in turn, reduce the amount you have to spend on maintenance.

Before you start on an indoor pool project, be sure to speak with a general contractor in your area to give you a detailed quote for the swimming pool.

7 Awesome Home Improvements

Want to feel better in 2017? Change your living space. Kick 2017 off by giving your home anew design. All it takes to feel better is one renovation. You don’t even need to work at home to gain maximum benefits from this new home renovation. What you do need is to think about a room or section of your house that you’re having a hard time appreciating.

Give your home a new look in 2017

It might be your dining room. For example, you might hate how the carpet bubbles at the spot on the floor where your living room and dining room separate. Or you might really dislike how your kitchen cabinets make you feel like you’re stuck in the 1970s.

By changing the part of your home you dislike the most, you’ll experience the greatest positive shift after the home improvement is finished. Got more than one part of your house that you’d rather turn away from than spend time in?

Get out a sheet of paper and make a list of specific parts of your house that you want to renovate. Rank each renovation, starting with the areas that bother you most. Take on one home renovation project at a time. Pay off the costs of the first home renovation before start upgrading another part of your home.

Check out these home improvements

Here are seven great home improvement ideas. These home improvement ideas can give your home a modern look and feel. They can also offer you more living space. Let’s start in the kitchen, a room you entertain, serve, communicate and bond with family and friends in.

Replace those old, worn kitchen cabinets (the ones with the tarnished or cracked wood) with dark brown cabinetry. Get more storage space by installing base, wall and pantry cabinets. If dark brown cabinetry doesn’t fit your taste, try unfinished, white or cherry wood cabinetry. Don’t forget the back splash. You could go with a marble, opaque or tile back splash. Designs that back splashes come in are seemingly unlimited. Have fun renovating your kitchen.

New bathroom floor tiles can make the entire room feel different. Slate, marble, wood,limestone, ceramic and porcelain are types of materials that bathroom floor tiles come in. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer a shinier look, but can get slippery when wet. Wood tiles offer an elegant look, depending on the color and design you choose.

Stylish bookcases make for great storage areas. They are also great at showcasing your family and friends. Don’t just add books to these decorative furniture pieces. Intersperse fresh flowers and framed portraits and paintings between your favorite books.

Home improvement options are as rich as your imagination

Kitchen and bathroom faucets are a way to upgrade two heavily trafficked rooms at your house without spending a lot of money. Choices open to you include long stem faucets, flip handle faucets and faucets that operate on motion detectors. You may have seen motion detector faucets at work. With these faucets, the water automatically comes on after you place your hand within range of a sensor.

A finished basement cost more than other home renovations. Yet, the rewards are far reaching. You could start upgrading your basement by laying wood floor tiles or by carpeting the room. Sell unused clothes, old furniture and other items to consignment stores. Another option is to give the items to charity. Turn your finished basement into a family room, playroom or office space.

Similar to a finished basement, a finished attic gives you extra living space. Turn the room into an office or guest bedroom. Your finished attic could also become your adult child’s room.

Replace your roof and you can add to the value of your entire home. Metal shingles are generally cheaper to install than asphalt, slate, tile or wood shingles. The downside is that the sound of rain echoes against metal shingles, creating more noise than you’d have with other shingles.

Just one home renovation could have an enduring and positive impact on your mood. It could give you a renewed sense of vigor. The home renovation that you perform could also keep you in your current home for several more years, especially if the home improvements provide you more living space. Pay renovations off as you go and you won’t go into debt to complete the upgrades.